Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Only The Strongest Could Stay Alive.... Afterall....

This Tough Machine was firstly revealed in BaselWorld 2014….a non CG video showing…
Dropped from 10 metres high onto the concrete floor,
Installed inside the Washing Machine rolling cage for 2 hours,
It was able to survive within 12G force acceleration and deceleration
This is not yet end of the punishment, a 64 Tons Tank ran over it twice! Make me recall the horrible 4 June 1989 Tiananmen case…
The Watch is then treated with Solvent, gasoline, insecticide, detergent….
It stays in perfect running condition within the accuracy of  the watch timing capability between -51 deg C to +71 deg C.
Thanks for the latest semiconductor assembly technology and  a solid case of single piece of Metal
Price . Estimated HKD$5,050 as list price.
Put it on your next Shopping list a Watch for your Saturday hang-out.

This is Victorinox Inox!

HK Snob

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