Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some CULTURE that you may not be aware especially you are Foreigner in buying Pre-owned watch in HK

Many Foreigners coming to HK buying pre-owned watches in HK, from Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, Indonesia and Philippines…

There are a few things that we might need to know…
Usually they have not much patience in handling case that if they feel you are coming for "Price Check" only, or you have made them felt that you are Low-bailer. Before you go there, do some home work for that particular models , rough there is a more –or-less price Range.

If you ask this how much, OK, but once they feel that you ask this model, then other different model, they feel that you are not serious enough, they Will not welcome you… or at least they don't smile at you!!

The offer for discount in Shops in HK is valid only in that particular Encounter, the HK salespeople are moving fast and they don’t like non-sense, that hate people coming to ask discount and leave…unless you don't come back the same shop again…or they could not recognize you!
They will offer a discount to you provided you are a real buyer… they have experience to tell who you are and what is your intention from their years of sales experience dealing with various Customers.
They do it all same to Tourist, Gweilo, or locals, They don't like non-sense… Once when they feel that you will be buying, they will serve you well, this is true on those shops who have been in the market for many decades.

Next Time, when you come to those shops, remember this…
Normally we can get less 3% to less 8% depending on model or shops…

Very Exceptional cases, they offer discount more than 10%l, or you had better beware if you get more than 10% discount!

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the Daytona Ref.6263 in HK?

HK Snob said...

hi yes
try Vintage Concept.
HK Snob