Friday, June 27, 2014

GMT Master II Ref 116710BNR Is Still Very Hot In HK at Very Limited Supply!

GMT Master II has been in HK for more than 6 months, still it is supplied in very limited quota...
This is a hot item in HK ...

I can not find any more stock at HKIA shop, my known Rolex AD shops of Emperor, Oriental and even Dickson. Today I went to Chow Tai Fook at Nathan Road junction of Dundas Street, they do not have stock at all.

Chow Tai Fook is offering no discount, as HKIA, Dickson and Emporer, Only Oriental offers less 5% for us...

Well this is the one of the friends of Taiwan bought his first GMT at Taiwan Rolex AD yesterday!
Price is  NTD$263,000 after tax rebate. Bring your passport to the Rolex AD. He told me that is the only one in the month. Lucky Man!
Colleague of mine bought one at Seoul Airport at about HKD$66,500. which is slightly higher than HK list price HK$65,300!

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Anonymous said...

Hi HK Snob! I will be in HK in October and will be buying my first Rolex. This model is one of my choices. I am also considering the Sea dweller 4000 116600 and sub non-date. I know max discount is 5% but is there more discount if I buy 2 watches?


HK Snob said...

Get less 10% for one, try less 12% for two.
HK Snob