Friday, June 13, 2014

Rolex Submariner Ref 16618 18 KT Gold With Kick-Ass Onyx Dial.

“A Haha, I can read Chinese, but not write. I enjoyed your 'casual' observations of the life as you experience and see it. One will realize there are many colors to a crayon box, and just as in life. There are always oddities, as such, life is full of Ying and Yang, and large shades of gray all over. Just enjoy as we can, we only live 100 years! on 週日發噏風 Casio, taxi”

I appreciate Glen that sent me such comment as stated above.
We are getting “MATURE” or “OLD” but not getting “SMART” by learning from mistakes… As I commented, my Life Battery has only 40% left...base on 100% =100 Years. There is no RE-Charge on life, we will consume it like Candle, an estimated life span provided no rains, no winds no jerk comes to blow off the candle as he thinks this is his birthday cake!

Life could be so meaningful, or awful is all depending on you... well, I would have made mistakes in my life but I don't regret as every time you feel regret you are still burning your candle....

Today, we had a chat with someone in a Restaurant, he is planning to run a new Restaurant such that only customer could come wearing a Rolex, AP or PP watch. I asked him what if he wears a Seiko, he said that well, they can BORROW him the watch for his entry.

On certain days, I had a plan to open a Cafe or Jazz Bar where y I can place my Analogue Audio Equipment there….playing 50 or 60s Jazz music from the B&W or JBL loudspeaker, the ECC803S and WB300B* power tubes could possibly delivery WATTS into the loudspeaker!? WE300B, can it be as it can deliver 6W max in an optimized bias into the loudspeaker. What I am trying to say is WE300B valve as Pre-amp tubes, not in the power amp stage. Driving the power starved JBL or B&W may need EL34 or even KT88!

Today, friend of mine show me his Rolex 16618 Solid Gold with Onyx dial, WHAT? Onyx dial again?
Yes, Onyx dial on Submariner a Solid 18KT gold Submariner?
This is rare, sorry I should say “SUPER RARE”!
And it comes with Paper and Box, who is that chap wants to sell this item!
Someone that may have two of these watches,  someone that is looking for Submariner with lapis Blue dial? Someone who may drive his Orange Lamborghini to go work!
Not me of course, But at least I have a chance to take a closer look into it.
Times flies only hours, there are already INTERESTED PARTIES looking for that.

Price, I think Only HK Snob cannot say “NOT CHEAP” simply I am poor, but someone who knows Rolex would have said :CHEAP!” but of course in his heart. It is only $180,000!  (HK Dollars)
By time I post this on my blog, likely It would have gone already…into some Collector’s hand, Are you interested?

ECC803S is the Telefunken pre-amp valve.
WE300B is Western Electric power valve.
HK Snob

Note this watch was sold to one pawnshop owner and a gem diamond expert on 27 June 2014. L


@win from Taipei said...

wow! this Rolex 16618 looks really nice!
Thanks for the photos. :)

Harry Wong said...

May I know what the difference between onyx dial and the normal one?

HK Snob said...

Hi Harry
Normal one is just lacquer printing, cheap and mass production.
Onyx is a kind of gem, need to find the even part of it with the size bi enough for the Submariner dial.
lap and polish it into the right thickness which is about 0.4mm thick, then drill holes for the hour index, drill the hole for the date , make a gold trim surrounding the date window opening. only 2 out of ten could be made without any defect,
It may take a skillful jeweler one day to make one...
And It is super rare on a submariner.
Someone is selling at HKD$500,000 for the same watch under the same model.
It is collector item of course, not so many peope would spot that yours is mad eof Onyx of course...
HK Snob