Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some Zong Zi For All Of Us, In This Dragon Boat Festival, Today!

Dragon Boat Festival also known as the Tuen Ng Festival, this special celebration falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

The story of this festival go back to when government official Qu Yan flung himself into a river in a desperate act of protest against the nation’s corruption. His supporters frantically boarded boats and attempted to rescue him, which evolved into commemorative dragon boat races.

The next time you devour some zong zi, the tasty lotus leaf-wrapped glutinous rice traditionally eaten at this time of year, remember that it is in honour of the rice people who threw them into the water to prevent fishes from nibbling on Qu Yan’s body.

Well, to the Fans of All Rolex and HK Watch Fever, we would like requested Rolex to make some of these 18KT Solid Gold Zong Zi for us!

In case who will buy 100 Rolex at a bunch… Well, That if I could be the one, I will not be uneasy talk to  Jean-Frédéric Dufour on the request.
Wish everyone could be having a peaceful day at this time of the day “Dragon Boat Festial”.

Friend of mine does not like the 18KT Gold Dumpling, OK I have changed to the one I ate (made by my 84 year old mother) on the Dragon boat festival and a real-meat-Dumpling for those who need to ....Taste? Hmmmmm....

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