Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jason Statham Wears Richard Mille RM011 in "Parker" (2013 Movie)

RM011 In "Parker"
Taken with SS Note III Hand Set on my Cheapo Olevia TV.

A Panerai in Jason's "Transporter"

My eyes are always falling on people’s watch, noticeable on their types, brand…style…even on Movie.

“Parker”, a movie where Jason Statham played as Daniel Parmitt’s who wear a Clearly Iconic Watch  design as a Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa. Obviously RM had paid a big lump sum for two Close ups in the entire movie.

Well, Parmitt’s Role as a Texan Rich man buying estate at Miami with help of Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) wearing such a Watch is a good choice… But Always I have a tough man as Jason in his movie… He should wear something like Panarai, Royal Oak Offshore or a Submariner….  Whereas RM011 should work better with Dicaprio Leonardo.

Silicon Nitride, applied on this RM011, is a hard coating material normally used in engine parts, semiconductor bonding equipment common on some surface that is requiring a smooth surface finishing a tough hard layer to withstand wearing, and a black coating to act as good background again the Lighter colour of lead frame material, such that Auto PRS (pattern Recognition System ) could take snap shot of the profile of the lead frame, that is a prerequisite requirement for the bonder to place the Silicon Chip right on the Bonding pad.

It is not an expensive process itself, but a stable process is required to maintain the evenness of the coating and colour. So the entire cost become High!

Back to the RM011 watch, 18 – carat gold, titanium details, flyback chronograph with 60-minute countdown timer, 55 hours of power reserve, Price US$119,000. Stock Available.
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