Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watch that you cannot get it from Rolex, they are the bespoke or Customized "Rolex" by Project X Designs, UK.

The X-groove on the crowns is the insignia of X-Projects

Project X Designs is a UK Company doing watch Customizations especially on Rolex and AP.

Daniel Bourn established the company as founder, Average price of the Model is about 1.8-2 X of the original Rolex.

They change the colour of the watch black by putting a hard DLC (Diamond Like Coating)  and some of the dial are touch up with some of the ingredient people sought after… Like Comex on Submariner model. Green Daytona Dial!

Definitely that watch has no relationship with Comex. Well, I cannot speculate the future value but I think there will be some of them would hit the nerve of some of the Collectors some years later, especially those limited to few pieces…

Some of the designs are awesome but beware that Rolex will not be the one to take care your watch for any repair nor service. You have to go to Project X designs.

There is counter at Lane Crawford (IFC) HK on some of the models.
If you are interested, go and see, no discount Yet.
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