Saturday, June 28, 2014

Too Many Choice Is No Choice!

It is always bad to have too many Choice unless you have one target only or that becomes no choice at all.
When I was working on the ship, whilst the ship was steaming 30 days from Rostock/East Germany to Siracha (An island near Pattaya)  Those Sailors, oilers and Junior officers fetched whenever the first came into sight in the bars or pubs at the first night after anchorage... After a couple of days, they started to become choosy, either too fat, too short, too old, would not be their choice anymore….that is human being… We can’t blame them… as Hunger makes your less choosy!
Same when you are hungry, you won’t mind a MacDonal Big Mac or an overnight sandwich!

Today I passed by Guang Dong restaurant who is good at these roasted goose, Cha Siu and Crispy Pork..
When I am Hungry , I think anything could be Ok for me., but when I have time, I would choose the best roasted Goose left leg first, Cha Siu, then Roasted Pork and Chicken , this is my priority in choosing the dishes.
How about watches?….  even more headache in making the right choice!!
My consideration is:
1.Do I have the budget?
2. What is purpose buying that watch?
3. Condition of the watch?
4. Do I need to buy that Watch?
5. Is it an upgrade?
6.What is Market value Today and 5 to 10       years later?
7. Will you use it or will you make this as investment only?
I will buy that watch only if it meets all the following factors.
1. Rare Species!
2. Fall into my target of Watch Collection!
3. It will be an Upgrade!
4. Good Value in Long terms
5. Only I have the budget
6. Under-valued item.

Cartier 18KT Gold Pasha 38mm for Men,

Now I have a few watches, from left to right

1. Panerai PAM00121
2. Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz in Birch Dial- My watch I am using in these months.
3. Cartier Pasha 18 KT white Gold with Full Section of bracelet, 98% new with paper and box.
Original Selling price is HKD$275,900, now the owner wants to let go with less 70% discount! (for sale)
4. Rolex Date Just stainless steel with cream dial 16014 (for sale at $17,400) Good beautiful rare dial.
5. Rolex Date Just 16013 Two Tone 14KT with Champagne gold with Black Roman Numeral Dial. (for Sale at $19,400).

HK Snob
Watch Fever
Hong Kong Kong Tsaan 香港港燦勞奴

PS Cartier and Rolex 16013 Sold


Anonymous said...

Hi, looks like all your watches have date indicator. so u like watches that need to have dates?

HK Snob said...

yes, i like, date, and day...more information is preferred...
hk snob

Anonymous said...

May i know what is the current price for the 2nd watch shown in the picture? (Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz in Birch Dial)

Thank You.

HK Snob said...

ref 19018 Osyterquartz, solid 18kt gold, full length original bracelet, produced in less than 50 in birch dial, gold trim at the "date" and "day" window. super reliable movement build by Rolex and would be serviced by Rolex at least 50 years more. monthly accuracy in less than 0.33 seconds...Gerald Genta look case design, timeless, sportive, get away main stream of Rolex "Round" case design, rare and goes in real speciality... estimated price HkD $69,000.
are you interested?
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

HKS, where is your 5402yg??

HK Snob said...

5402 yg is in the safe Box!

HK Snob said...

Interesting article about 5402 YG