Saturday, May 30, 2015

Roger Dubuis Velvet White

The Velvet White, the only one in Asia

Roger Dubuis

Of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland each year, only 24,000 bear the Hallmark of Geneva. (0.12%)
Roger Dubuis is the only Manufacture of which the entire range is 100% Hallmark of Geneva certified.

I believe that watch lover of Patek Philippe is not the same time watch Lover of Roger Dubuis, I think Roger Dubuis watch lovers will likely the admirers of Patek Philippe. I am one of them.

Some of the watches that is carrying a Supreme High price that you may hesitate to enter their Boutique in IFS, Peninsular Hotel, 1881 and Pacific Place…

Is there exception? Well, as there we can have a unique Watch here such as the last one, lady with Diamond bezel: Velvet White, gold Case, and a wonderful!! There is just ONLY One in Asia! Can change Alligator strap easily.

HK Watch Fever

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