Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happiness and Worry

Happiness and Worry
Most of the people carry worry are not happy,
However happiness always comes with Worry. 

It would be easy to tie up an Index Happiness with how rich you are.
But most of the cases, they aren't…
Many people are very rich, not necessarily they are Happy.
I have a Friend who is the top 200 tax payers in Philippines, but he has to eat 20 over pills a day.
He is Rich but I don't think that is Happy. I had learnt a story from a French I met yesterday that he met a Super Rich lady in HK, she has to carry bag of medicine and pills every day. And she won’t feel uneasy to have her French teacher waiting for 3 hours to start the lesson!

Well, many of my colleagues are very rich, but I hardly seen them smile, well, Money that is really matter for them, work hard, save hard, rush to finish his plate of Cha Siu Rice at Tai Pai Dong lunch time, then rush out to breathe his dessert of Marlboro Gold.

A CFO running after Money for the past 25 years, earned average 5M a year. That is not had money for a position in HK. After his retirement, he got cancer and passed away within 2 years. Why? Because he had so focused on his work and that his Engine kept running 4,000 RPM during his life serving the company. Once he retired, the engine is idling at 900 RPM, and his cancer cells have had started growing at 5,000 RPM….

I had another friend who is so rich that he can buy a pair of Loud speaker cable 6 feet with USD $12,000, It is about HKD$640 dollar for an Inch? How about sound likes? Well, must be “Different” but that Difference” is what you had paid for, well, he is happy, that is what money spent for.

Another friend “C” who love to have PP, and he is looking at a discontinued Model 5960P Blue dial.  When I offered him once he did not respond, after the watch was sold out.… and one day…

He asked me to find one for him, well, good friend Leon spotted One in Watch air in HK on last Friday with HK$328,000. I informed “C” he can go and buy… he returned me message : “Ask them to offer HKD$280,000, then I will consider? “

I was shock ….Well, as a friend, I said: “Hey, those people selling watch there are some of the Rich people in HK  Class B in HK, the Show start at 10 and close at 5, they don't have time for tire-kickers, and of course me and my friend will not do thing “insane “ to be so cheap asking price reduction in front of this nuisance in the fair.
Most of the rich people think that they deserved to be served. The process of buying a watch is fun.

Of course, it is pitiful that after you have bought it, it will be kept in the dark cool safe deposit for year, and waited to see the light one day someone will offer better price to “BUY” from you. That is Watch trading. You are he Store keeper of this watch, not the real owner…

What is life meaning to the watch is to tick on your wrist, only when it get rains on it, wind, sand storms, fogs, sea water, morning dews at Tai Mo Shan, sweat, and that is the real function of a great watch.

I have seen a friend who never like to wear “new “ watch, after he bought a new Watch:-

He held his watch and rubbed on Sands at beaches, he put in a glass of diluted ammonia and left the watch inside there for days, then he put it in a “ Washing Machine “ with Clothes to wash for hours, and he worn it happily…probably his watch is very Clean…  his watch is now made to look like a vintage Patek Philippe!  He is Happy!

Hong Kong isn’t the poorest country in the world and people is not poor I mean the Class B and C,  but I think most of them is not happy!

You know most of the men have only 2.3 times sex a month?  Of course I think if 60 Times a month Might not be a “Happy Event” too!

95% of your boss never showed smile to you and your colleague, only in front his direct superior and or his customers, well, when you get old and you can read faces like I do,  And it is hard for me to tell any difference between cunning grin and smile from his cheek.

The above mentioned is not story, it is real things I have experienced….
You may ask why I write this … well, I really don't know myself! Till next!

HK Snob

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