Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rolex Will use new system to Key in the Date of purchase Electronically

Rolex GMT MASTER II Pepsi in White Gold

Date of Purchase of your Rolex
As you may know for every purchase of your Rolex, the Authorized Dealer will have to write on the invoice the full amount of payment with date of the purchase.  It is Mandatory to put down the date of the purchase on the Warranty card. Rolex allows 24 months of warranty on your Rolex effective from the date of Purchase.

There is some request not to put date on the Warranty card, it does not work on Rolex unless the shop manager is you!

And there is no way to put a later date of Purchase as Rolex does not allow do have this purchase.

Though there are numerous requests to put the date of the purchase later a few days or a couple of week for certain reason, like the Birthday of yours.

Rolex is trying soon to use 2D Matrix code or some other means to stop this “malpractice”!

When you purchase a Rolex, there is a scanner to scan the Code on the Warranty card and the Real Date of Purchase will be recorded in the Rolex Central System Worldwide electronically and Automatically; no one could amend this.

This will control the date registration on the warranty card.
Still, the manual writing the “Date of Purchase” will be required to tell the watch owner the day of purchase on the warranty card.
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