Saturday, May 16, 2015

Affer a Horse, A bull, a Sturdy Watch, a Analogue Set-up, what's next for you!?

After you had a wild horse, a mighty Bull, a nice Time Instrument, no matter RM, PP, VC, RD, Hublot,
I like Rolex, well, it is best in terms of value for money and it would not be losing face when you meet some of the Celebrities in town.

Of course, it may not be just one-watch for every Sunday, but Rolex DD is what I prefer most as an every day’s Watch.

How about other things that you Must have One and that you may have to speak to and listen to it more than to your spouse!?

That is your mobile phone, if you have a Horse, a Bull, a Sturdy Gold Watch, a pure Vinyl Vacuum tube Analogue Set-up, then you may need this Omega Elite Phone….

All in gold of Platinum, decorated with Diamond, and could be customized to have your own arms design, signature on the phone., Absolute Unique and Absolute affordable for most of the executives.  

If you think you will not buy, well, because you are not yet ready only….

Price starting USD$6,500, if you are interests, let me know.

HK Snob

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