Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rajinikanth's Inspiration

Coincidently friend of mine invited us to go for Titan black Watch show in HK yesterday, and Today Anthony from Philippines talks about Need and Greed of Rajinikanth. They also mentioned the Titan Watch.

Lathbridge Limited 20pcs
Project X

Titan is an India Watch and Titan Black is from Lathbridge ; a Rolex Customization by plating with DLC.

Well, there are too much materialistic Temptation:, car, phone, Watch and other personal effect.


When I first saw i8, I shouted loud ”Wow! What a car!” though it was selling $2,530,000!

There you are buying the first class engineering product from Germany, a three cylinder 1.500cc turbo charger engine with a stack of battery cells could deliver a few hundred horse power and speed up from zero to 100km in 11.2 sec!

What is my option?
I am no RICH man, I always like to buy the best I can with my budget, , that that is why I need to have a little sensible control on what I would spend.

Car is not my need in HK, I would not buy any at this moment.

London & Co, 24 KT gold iPhone6 001/250

An iPhone6 gold version or a Cheapo Java, Xiomei, or a special 24K gold version of iPhone 6?

I choose Samsung Note III, as I had to use the “S Note” function for all my illustration on my Blog as my need.

Rolex Submariner in 18KT gold Patina Purple Dial Ref 16618 L-Series

A Titan, Timex or a Rolex?
As for Watch, I don't think I have to say more, you should know my choice,

In all purchase more than $30,000 I need to go through with a “Calm Down period”, think again should I need to buy?

Or simply “ is it an Investment ?“ or just a Consumable item!?

It matters most is if you feel Happy and affordable to buy; go ahead!

I learn from A Philippine Friend Anthony Today: 
Materialization is not everything!


The Inspiration of Rejinikanth confirms my saying…
Whether you have a Maruti or a BWM, the road remains the same.
Whether you travel economy Class of business, your destination does not change.

Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same.

Whether you have Apple Samsung or Lava, people who call you remains the same.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life.
What needs to be taken care of is to not let the NEED become GREED.

Because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled  -  Rajinikanth

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