Saturday, May 30, 2015

Watch Fever Contact Update

Dear Friends, Watch Guru, Dealers, Buyers, Collectors...

Many people asks if I had a Watch shop in Hong Kong, no, I am a watch Blogger only.

I have no Shops in HK. I am just connect to various Watch AD, Shops for getting a "better price" for you.

I carry a Philippine Phone Number as I used to work in Philippines.

I have started with a New Number +639989811111. please use this number to contact me.

As the Current Number is my working Phone for my SemiConductor customers in Philippines.

I think it is time to use an unique number for watch enquiry and chatting.

In case you want to Mail me , try this

HK Snob

I have been using the Philippines Number +639175854633 for a period of time. Will continue using for some times.

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