Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rolex Pepsi

Pepsi or Cola, official or parallel, is your choice!

The associations between colors and emotions can be personal or universal

Blue, at its most basic, signifies clear-sky tranquility and trust; green connotes reliable, natural; and red has associations with passion, hot, danger and envy.

There are always exceptions. In western cultures, white means peace and honesty, whereas in eastern cultures, it's associated with the masculine yang of Yin and Yang.

Colour is the first Choice for me to notice in a logo so as watches…
Colors are the first thing I notice in a logo, what gets the fastest lane running to my brain.

Then you read a logo’s shape, icons, or typography… last the words…

So as the watch, Yellow, green, Blue, Orange dial is the most expensive choice if for Rolex.
How about these Pepsi?

Which one you like most, the top one is stainless steel with “Stick” dial, and the lower one is White Gold?

Their blue is different, someone like purple/blue for the White Gold.

Which One I like Most? I like the ice-cold Pepsi after a 20KM up Tai Mo Shan in Summer! As it is just HKD$7.00.

Second is the “Stick Dial” and ;leaving the White gold for someone who want something Unique and Stand out with 5X more money!

HK Snob

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