Sunday, May 10, 2015

Phillips Auction on Rolex Day Date in Hong Kong

1958 Rolex DD in Platinum

Rolex Day Date
From those who have been reading my Blog know well, I am a big fan of Day Date as I have posted a lot more on this Rolex Flag Ship.
Over the past 5-8 years, I have been saying that the Day Date Value is Under-estimated… I am glad that a few of friends now were being poisoned by me going from Submariner into Day Date Collections. And they are many times crazier than I am!

Well, those Day Date Watches has earned a nicked name of “Old Cake” meaning old men’s watch. (老餅).

By right, it is not mocking at the Watch because the Day Date is made of Gold, either yellow Gold, White gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.

Rolex Day Date price is not cheap at all. I guess a young executive nowadays could easier afford, but all all could.
Majority of the people may not be able to consider that, that is why large number of Rolex Fans go to those Stainless steel Watches Submariner, GMT Master II, Explorer…as their price is lower.

If I had an amount of HK$95,000 I would not die for a new Daytona Stainless, I Why not go for a Day Date?
Well, this is purely my preference as I always believe gold is precious metals, value is always there.

Look at this recent Auction in HK, it gives you a better and clearer picture on prices of Day Date…

The Most Expensive is a 1958 Day Date in Platinum; What? 
                              "CHF 473,000!"

I feel that there was a insider boost of the price with purpose to promote this auction of the first time as final price is too high than we can find from other auction.

Click this link to read the Auction Results;

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Ellery Mendoza said...

I'm very much excited about the Day Date 40. And I wish I could afford one. How do you think the 40 will fair against the 36 and soon to be discontinued 41?

What you said regarding the Daytona vs. the Day Date actually makes sense. Though I would still want to have a Daytona, the Day Date, hopefully, soon after.

HK Snob said...

Not just you, but another guy Anthony. he has been asking me almost one in ther other day on White Gold DD40. This is his first Rolex, he loves only this DD40.
I beleive that the 36mm DD will stay and the DD 41mm will stay as well, and soon later the 41 mm be replaced 100% by DD40.

HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Hi Ellery
Is the background Tokyo Palace?
HK Snob

Ellery Mendoza said...

Yes it is.

And me too, should I be able to afford a DD40, I will go with the White Gold as well. I'm not sure if I can wear or be comfortable wearing a Yellow or Rose Gold piece.

HK Snob said...

am Ellery,
You are the second man looking for this DD40 WG from Philippines.
I will inform when this model will be Philippines.
HK Snob