Saturday, May 30, 2015

Twin Turbine Watch at WF gathering 30 May 2015

Rolex DD Dial Determines What is Platinum and what is White Gold.
Left is Platinum and right is White Gold

Super Rare Twin Citizen memorial Watch of the 80s

Pasha 2007 Limited 2,000 on top and Pink Sandoz below

New dated May EU Parallel GMT Master II BLNR X2

Submariner Two Tone Ref 16613 Purple Dial

Bvlgari Chrongraph and Diver Watch (Chronometer)


Rolex Ref 1501 with Rare Lacquor Dial, Gold hands for Sale

Twin Turbo GT2

Who has a longer hands?

Thanks for the participation of 6 of us, The Merchant, The Corporate Director, The Dealer (Lady), a Curry Beef Critic and me the Blogger to come and share three hours of Joy, appreciation and most of all:-

Their effort of bringing Pounds of Gold, Platinum and Steel Watches to share!

Item for Sale
The Ref 16613 patina Purple Dial Submariner.
Watch only, 11 links,  X-Series
Asking HKD$46,500 with Box, HKD$46,000 no box!

The Citizen Watch in pair HKD$6,800

The Bvlgari Diver Watch
Simple 3 hands, Chronometer Grade,
Italian Design with Bvlgari IConic Bracelet,
38mm diameter fits perfectly to Asian Wrist
Full Set with Box and Paper ,
Asking HKD$8,900

Chronograph Full Set HKD$10,800

Rolex Ref 1501

See you next WEEK!

HK Watch Fever


Anonymous said...

Hi. Leihao.

Which dial colour do HK people prefer? Green (e.g. LV), blue (LB), blue (LB sunburst), black, white etc on their Rolex watches? I hear that blue is associated with hard business (Lam/nam). I know that white is associated with death in China as black in the Western world. Does it apply in watch dial choice in HK?

I have planned to go back to HK next year to look for a 116613LB. It is nice classic Sub colour combo. (As kid I dreamed of 16613 blue.) Is 116613LB(or like new 16613 blue) hard to find in HK? Is it still popular in HK? Any discount for TT Sub?

Thanks in advance.

Rolex fan and owner of LVc, BLNR, SubC no-date.

HK Snob said...

Dear Wu,
1, Colour is a persoanl choice.
Yes, what you say is right, many people say Blue is Nan, White is "Nothing",
To me, I like Blue most, then Green, purple, grey, Red, Black white, champange gold..
However, Red could be the most expensive as it is super rare, for most of our collector, We take all. Black is Power, White is Purity, Blue is Honesty, Green is Wealth, Red is sovereignity...

2. 116613LB is having MRSP of HK$94,700, we can get less 12% for you.

You can consider the Patina Purple I posted 2 days ago, Awesome Colour

Two Tone has his own market, still many people like them.

Come to HK and Search for your lost classic!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thanks HK Snob!

Very nice to get some nice info from HK. In EU, the prices are high, but 9-10% off is possible. I am in EU and may visit HK next year. I will search for the lost classic, for sure;)


HK Snob said...

Call me when you come over!!

HK Snob