Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wine and Watches,

Wine and watches

I like wine, so much as I like Watches, well, not until the other day I took out all the baskets of wine cork, surprising to know that since 2007 till now, I have opened more than 1,000 bottles.
Wine is also a fantastic experience, especial you are with some of your best friends who know how to drink, and having recommendation of good food to go!

I used to open a Half bottle of Red on Saturday evening whilst I chewed a roasted goose thigh from one Siu Lap Shop near my place. That could be one of the most delicious course of the week!

Does really Roasted Goose go with Red wine? Just I don't care so long you like it…

We take Champagne while we eat Oyster,  Or bite a Strawberry while you drink Champagne (Learnt from Richard Gere in the “Beautiful Woman”)

Rolex Ref 6694 1973 in super Condition Full Set.

Is older the wine the higher the value? Not necessary!

Is Older the watch, the higher the value! Not necessary too!

How about new watches? Will I have to wait for 20 years before you can sell it with profit?!
Not necessary! as it depends on the Watch

Like recently the PP 175th anniversay watches...
5175R-001 (7 pcs), 5975R-001 (400 pcs)
Rolex 116660 DeepSea D-blue...

But Definitely an older watch with good quality is always higher in price than a newer watch with same good quality under the same Make!

I don't know How much a Margaux 1900 costs, as I was told the wine is still “Too young “ to drink, preferable to be opened in 2020!

Is the first Day Date 1956 having a good value? Well, I think it should, if the watch is in good condition, with all Certificate, paper, box and seal.

Some Suggestion for our next HK Watch Fever gathering:
Bottle of good wine, roasted goose left leg, and some of the good decent men who bring his beloved watches to share his experience and tell us story about the watch…
Would it be fun!?

How about Yamazaki 21 years, it is OK to go with Roasted goose!?  I don't have the answer!

HK Snob 

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