Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19048 with Diamond Bezel and Diamond Dial on Sale

I believe you have seen a lot of Oyster Quartz in this blog, it doe s not mean that is common and easy to get. Rolex had produced 1,000 Oyster Quartz Watch a year since the 25 years between 1977 and 2003. Rolex had produced not more than 25,000 pieces over the 25 years of production.

And I could estimate 50% of them were Date Just made with stainless steel, 30% of them are Date Just Two Tone, and Rest 20% in Yellow gold and White Gold. Yellow Gold may be 15% and White Gold 5%.
And I think Yellow Gold with Diamond bezel and Diamond Dial is less than 200 Pieces.

In Hong Kong, this is the second pieces I have seen, the other one was Day Date with Black dial showing at display window in Lung Shing Watch and jewelry asking HKD$89,000 with no box. And It was sold recently.

So this is One of them Ref 19048, it is in 18KT yellow old, set with Rolex Diamond bezel 44 pieces and Diamond dial. A Quartz Movement made by Rolex with superb reliability and accuracy, One battery cell can keep accurate time on the Day Date for min. 24 months, I have set a practice to change a new battery every two years, In fact you can walk into RSC to ask for battery Replacement free.

This watch comes with unpolished case, full bracelet length, and a very special oyster Quart Wooden Box.

The Selling is asking HKD$90,000 cash, if you are interested, please contact me.
HK Snob

Watch Was sold on 15 Apr 1630


Anonymous said...

Very nice bling bling Rolex in this rare model, ��������������

HK Snob said...

Very Rare....
stylistic! :)