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USA and Europe Top 10 Rolex Submariner

Sent by a Philippine Friend on this interesting Site about Submariner.

This is the referral material that you can refer before you search for you best beloved Common Submariner with your budget.

Special species are not to be discussed here, as those are very hard to find with sky high price, it is normal that higher end Submariner will be likely the target for those watch Specialists who are keen on re-creating the “Authentic Fake”! :(

As a Short Summary, the top 5 Model for Submariner :-
No. 1 Ref 16610
No. 2 Ref 16613
No. 3. Ref 5513
No. 4. Ref 114060
No. 5. Ref 1680

The Top 5 Vintage Rolex Submariner:-
No. 1 Ref 5513
No. 2  Ref 1680
No.3  Ref 16800
No. 4 Ref 5512
No. 5 Ref 6538

What bother me is what the best model that you still can buy in the market. These are the common model that we still can get in the Market.
16610, 16613, 114060, 1680, 16680, 5513.

Rolex Submariner Ref 5513

What is my target!?
Ref 5513
The 5513 was produced from 1962 through June or so of 1990, which must be one of the longest continually produced Submariner in Rolex history. The reference 5513 was introduced in 1962, and replaced the reference 5508.

The reference 5513 used calibers 1520 and 1530. The caliber 1530 was used in both the 5513 and 5512 calibers for a time. The 5512 carried the C.O.S.C. certification while the 5513 using the same caliber DID NOT have the chronometer certification.

Today, the 5513 is one of the most collectable Submariners, and while it is still accessibly priced, market prices have almost doubled from 2003 to 2009.

Estimated price
5513 year 1965-1967 US$13,000 to 19,000
16610LV Flat 4 Submariner

Ref 16610LV
In 2003 or so, reference 16610LV was introduced, but has only cosmetic changes to the Submariner Date -- a green bezel and a "maxi dial" which has larger hour markers. Note that there was an earlier version was made with “Flat 4” bezel, that one should be one of the watch we should not ignore if you want to turn it into your investment item of Rolex as Still we can buy it with Full set in market with Reasonable amount.

Estimated price
16610LV  year 2003 to 2005  US$ 7,000 to 9,000

Where can we buy?
Vintage Concept, Kuen Kee, Union Watch...etc

Refer to this site if you want to study more!

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