Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hong Kong Watch Fever's travelling Kit

These are the items I used to carry when I travel.
Tie, Shoes, Socks, handkerchief, Card Holder (ACM with Satellite tracker), money Wallet, Pens, Chain, Tie Clips, passport holder etc. and a small bottle of “4711”.

They are all truly Value for Money. Such as my card holder which I have been using for 12 years.

I like the Rolex Passport holder, Montblanc Sterling Silver Model 149 fountain pen.

Watermans 1905 safety pen for my daily hand writing practice, it as a superb nib that no model pen can have.

A Dauphin Sterling Silver German ball pen.
18KY white gold Tie Clip with 0.3 Carat Diamond
A functional miniature Pipe Tie Clip made in Switzerland in the 50s!

Oh, I forget some CDs, as I can listen to some of the greatest music when I am about to turn in.

The bottle 4711, whenever I feel the stress, once I puff the pure scent of that magic water, I would feel relaxed!

Once I have appintment with a sophisticated lady, I would apply  two drops of 4711 on top my philtrum and forehead, immediatly it would hypnosize and transform myself to be a charismatic person of full confidence... BS? Try and see...

Most of all, a Decent watch. I don't have to use my watch to please the others, but myself!

No matter Roger Dubuis, Cartier, Frank Muller, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Piaget…it represents my character and as a respect to my  customers of all kinds.

HK Watch Fever

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