Sunday, April 26, 2015

What is my Favourite Material for Rolex...?

Gold has been described as the precious metals since the Egyptian Time.
As far back as 3,100 BC., We have evidence of a gold silver value ratio in the code of Menes, the founder of the first Egyptian Dynasty In the code it is stated that “one part of gold equal to two and one half parts of silver in value.” This is our earliest of a value relationship between gold and silver.

Take for an Instance on Rolex:
Ref 116234 stainless Steel Date Just 36mm with Fluted Bezel with Oyster bracelet MRSP HKD$58,000

Ref 118208 Day Date 36mm 18KT Yellow Gold with Smooth Bezel with President Bracelet MRSP HK$209,300

Ref 118206 Day Date 36mm in platinum, smooth Bezel with President bracelet MRSP HK$430,000

Now I should say under Rolex Marketing Strategy. …

One Platinum Day Date equals to 7X Stainless steel Day Just.
And One yellow Gold Date Day equal to 4X Stainless Steel Date just.  (to be exact is 3.6X)

The Cost of the movement of Day Date is not much higher than that of a Date Just, rough estimation manufacturing cost of The Day Date Movement is 1.6 X of that of the Date Just which is in range of a few hundred dollars.

The message is if you want to enjoy Rolex, going for the basic Date Just!

And if you want to be a bit standout of the crowd, pay a respect of 7X for a Platinum, flagship Day Date!!

This is my pure personal opinion only, of course only if one could afford!

HK Snob

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