Friday, April 17, 2015

Panerai Will Reduce Price again coming Monday, how about other Watches?

Watch Price Reduction in HK

Reason behind,  Euro is depreciating against the strong Green backs, and those Big Spenders from China is moving away to Europe, Japan  for spending their money with better Respect from the host.

There were a lot of people destroying the Hong Kong's reputation as Paradise of Shopping!  :(

Led by this Big Trend Setters Panerai for larger watch made a decision to reduce MSRP 5% on 1 Feb 2015

The Swiss Watch Giant, the holy Patek Philippine annoyed many people including those gray dealers yelled and cried by reduction of heft 20% on 10 Feb 2015.
Cartier 7% on 15 April 2015
Who else in the line?

Chanel did already!

Yes, Panerai Will further reduce their price by 5% on 20 April 2015  (Monday)

Who else? I think Piaget will reduce 10% on 20 April Monday.

But AP has increased some of the watches by HKD$6,000 back in Feb!

How about Rolex? still King of the Price Fortress, no intention to INCREASE, or DECREASE…

So when you buy you next Watch, think again, there is always no fund when you buy a Watch saving up breakfast money for 1 month, suddenly the MSRP price drops 15% in the next morning…. Oh My Watch!

If that is shoes or clothes, I am happy to hear as that is not investment, for a USD$30,000 watch, that is really Crazy Sales, if they reduce price by 20%!
HK Snob
MSRP = Manufacture  recommended Retail Price

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