Friday, April 10, 2015

The Thirteenth for exchange of the lost Twelve Disciples!

Audemars Piguet A-Series Royal Oak, the Top Five Wine, plus Echezeaus, Petrvs, Angelus, Lascases and Lafleur.

My Thirteen Disciples
I used to enjoy wine and I have consumed probably 1,000 bottles since I was addicted in 2007. Well, It is a gathering and or celebration that allows me  a Reasonable Reason to open some of the bottles.

From the buckets of corks I selected 12 bottles which I call “ Twelve Disciples”!

Namely these are wine we should not missed;- Petrus, Lafifite, Mouton, Haut Brion, Lascases, Margraux , Angelus, Laflueur.  

Of course there are still many good wine such as the New World's, Australian, and those Nepa Valley's Chavis, Caymus…etc.

Why I call Thirteen Disciples as the Aedumars Piguet is the Thirteenth Disciple, the cost of is just equivalent of the twelve bottles, now it may worth USD $26,000.

The Royal Oak was Bottled in 1972 with a new Oak Barrel which was not a very good year for Bordeaux but it is an excellent Vintage for Audemars Piguet.

Well, time has changed, my income does not allow me to spend too much on these “Fermented Grape Juice”, but once in a while I try to open some of the good one with friends…only male, I hardly could find a finery lady who could appreciate wine with me.

Sad! as after wine, the closest next topics is pillow talk, then sex!

Wine is another excellent Investment items but all you have to store in some recognized cellars in London or France, as no one will trust your storage unless they are from Tong Ying Nin.

Now the twelve disciples have joined into my blood stream and only leaving the Thirteenth with me.

I hope one day it can create another Twelve Disciples with the sacrifice of the Thirteenth!

Remember this legendary commercial episode, the bottle facing you is an Angelus, may be 1989!

The lady was talking about James Bond's watch is it Omega or Rolex?  Wonderful script!

How much Rolex has paid for this screen shot?  I don't know, probably in the range of a 1-2 Millions or you can WhatsApp CFO of Rolex to confirm.


Carl said...

Since in the books of Ian Fleming, James Bond wears a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. I believe Omega had paid for this screen shoot to change 007's watch to an Omega watch instead of Rolex.

HK Snob said...

hi Carl
Yes, A Commercial World.
HK Snob