Tuesday, April 28, 2015

UnionPay Can save some 0.95% of your Rolex Purchase

Normal Discount you can get officially using credit credit at Rolex AD.
HK 5%
Singapore 5-10%
Australia 10-15%
Switzerland 0-8%
Holland 15-20%
This applies to regular model, hot model like DeepSea D-Blue, Submariner Green bezel green Dial and GMT Batman is not able to get such big discount.

This is rough estimation as we know someone could ask for more discount as they know the manager or they are VIP customers.

When We buy Rolex in AD (Authorized Dealer Shop), you can use Cash, VISA, Master Card, America Express and Union Pay. I Know That HK Rolex AD does not welcome Diners Club as their bank charge is too high.

Amongst those, Union Pay seems to have the smaller percentages of Bank Charge, 1% only whereas VISA and MC is 1.95% and Am Express 2.5% (correct me if I am wrong)!

In Normal practice you can get as many as 5% discount in HK, and many people ask what is the discount if we pay in Cash, actually, same for card and Cash, but up to now I really don't understand why.

I was told that if you work down for more discounts, they may charge your surcharge if you use the credit card, at that time an UnionPay could get more discount as the bank Service change is just 1% which is the lowest amongst all credit card.

So, next time, bring a Union Pay card to Rolex AD in Switzerland and or Japan.
(For the above discount, since many people may get different discount, I hope you can tell me exactly what discount you can get in your countries.

HK Snob

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