Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rolex Ref 16613 Submariner Two Tone on Sale

Ref 16613 Submariner Two Tone

"S" Series 1994 with Purple Dial

The one on Left has no Paper with Blue Dial, the one on Right has a Purple Dial with Paper

Rolex Submariner Ref 16613 18KT Two Tone with "S" series dated 1994 on sale.

One is with Warranty paper and the other none.

The one with paper has a patina purple dial which the other one's dial remains unchanges as blue. Both are having unpolished case.

The Seller is asking HKD$48,500 for the one with paper and ther other is HKD$46,000 cash.

In case for Manila, I can deliver by hand after full payment is received.

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

PS The one with paper was sold 5 April

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