Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paul's Rolex Collection Gathering

Every Saturday Afternoon, we used to have a wonderful fun chat, drinks and BS on all Kinds of Watch Talks! And we of course cannot skip the session of Watch Display.

Today, at Chui Wah Eatery, We had a bunch of 5 Rolexes, one PP Moonphase and One AP Royal Oak 1972.…

I sold my Ref 18038 Yellow Gold Purple dial with diamonds to one of new known Friend.

See you all next week!
PS, The one dressed in Zebra-Skin in disguise is HK Snob

If you like to join our Every Saturday's Rolex Watch Gathering at Chui Wah Eatery, pls let me know... Membership fee is a Cup of Coffee for us.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Very nice watches

Anonymous said...

Rolex is in the world