Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rolex Day Date is getting more and more popular now

Ref 18038 Yellow Gold, Ref 18039 and Ref 1803 on the Right

Rolex’s Flag Ship Modell Day Date price is getting Higher and Higher…


1.  As there are a Lot of colourful Dials, 

2. There are so much fun for collecting Rolex Day Date for his past 50 years of productions

There are so many luxurious dial had been made Black, Champagne gold, White, Blue, Purple, Red, yellow orange, green, Lapis Lazuli, grey…etc

3. It is Only made in Gold, that no common Fake is available in the market.

4. There is a new introductory in BeselWorld of Day Date for the young people’s market, it come with various fantastic colour, the entry price is lower. More people could Afford to buy one.

My target of collection will focus on Ref 1803 White and Yellow gold and Ref 18038 and 18039. White gold is scarce. White Gold with Diamond dial even less. I like The OysterQuartz Day Date too, but it is even harder to find as I believe Have produced about 1,5oo White Gold Oysterquartz and 5,500 Yellow gold Dad Date since 1977 to 2003!

Set a new target to collect would be fun! And Most of All, Solid Gold Rolex Day Date can be treated as Money! I value will hardly be depreciated over the years.

With HKD$35,000 can you buy a Solid 18KT Gold watch with Day and Date display? With an automatic movement in the new or pre-owned market.

With the new emerging potential young collector from China, I am sure the price will would shoot up faster than I could expect.

HK Snob

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