Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Killer Rolex Day Date

                                   Rolex Ref 18039 White Gold DD with Special Circular Hour Index
                                                                    (owner is in HK)

                                                 Rolex DD with Lapis Azuli (Owner in Begium)

                                                     Ref 18038 YG DD  (Owner in HK)

                                             Ref 19018 YG OysterQuartz Oak Dial (Owner in hk)

                                         Ref 1803 Black Roman Numerals Dial, Classic! (Owner in HK
Killer Rolex 1804  WG and YG with alot of Sugar Cubes

Ref 1804 DD

More and more Rolex DD, more and more beautiful dials and a lot of shinning stone embedded on it.

What is your choice? My choice is still the Blue Lapis ...and the green!

HK Snob

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