Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day special, Rolex ref 18238 and Patek Philippe 5170

There are many studies to tell the average life expectancy of father is shorter than mother.

As being a Father has to face thee pressure from the job, society, his never ending demanding bosses except I as I treat people with respect at least…, and had to work hard to maintain the income for the family…

Though we cannot underestimate the work of the mother, the 9 month pregnancy is a torture and I was told the consequency is that that mother would love her kid more!

Old Chinese Saying: The furious tiger won’t eat her kid… as she know they are her kids. Nothing would be changed since the day they were borne.

That is to be fair Father day should be treated with same importance as Mother day!

Wish all fathers could be happy and wish all kids understood how tough father has to support the family.

And I hope My children would buy me either one of these watches to me on this special Father's day.


HK Snob

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