Sunday, June 16, 2013

Money or Rolex, Rolex or Money? Collector's Dilemma!!

             Rolex OysterQuartz DD Ref 19018 with Birch Dial

                                Western Electric WE300B Vacuum Tubes 1995

                                   RCA Victor 1959 The Royal ballet LP Mono Two LP Album

                                               Telefunken 1958-1965 ECC803 Vacuum Tubes

Teresa Tang LP all Printed in Japan 1973-1979

                                 Rolex DD Ref 18049 White Gold with Dimond bezel

When you have no money, try to find it, when you have found some money, you should look for something you like!

Buy a Rolex for you wife, your daughter, you brother, Father and mother, but most of all, buy the dream Rolex for yourself. That is the best reward to your hard working in the past, and most of all Rolex has a good power to work again inflation. It won’t earn money for you but I think Rolex is better than bank to keep money sometimes.

I should say this way, you won’t lose too much, at least you will earn the “Daily wearing of it” That is my attitude toward Rolex.

I bought Telefunken ECC803 Vacuum Tube at about $2,000 with Box 10 years ago, now the market price is $5,000 no box. NOS with box is $20,000 a piece. Once I had 26 pieces of such great tubes and I was so nervous that price would fall and I sold some of them to Audio Space some 6 years ago at cost. Now I feel regret as there is no way to buy at $5,000 a piece. So sometimes stay Calm, the Physics is right, the old good stuff will becoming less and less, that is why Vintage Rolex price soring high.

I bought Western Electric WE300 vacuum Tubes at $6,300 a pair at Audiotronics 7 years ago, now they are selling $24,000 a pair. I bought two pairs, but will I sell it!?

I bought my Teresa Tang Japanese Release Vinyl about $500 to 800 12 years ago, now , it is about $1,500- $30,000 a piece!

I bought the Royal Ballet at $5,000 four years ago, now it worth more than $15,000!

I bought a few Rolex OysterQuartz each at $56,000 3 years ago, now it price is $65,000- $75,000 for good colour dial.

I bought a AP Royal Oak 1972 Jumbo at $120,000 4 years ago, I think now If I sell it I can get at least 80% more.

But the problem is, Will you sell it. That is a Collector’ dilemma, “Always it is very hard to find, and even harder to sell!”

Another funny things I saw is that when there are so many pretty ladies in front of the sailors at Mona Lisa Massage Parlour, they could not make a choice, but when the ship was moored at Siracha more than 1 month,,, I bet an old lady of 40 can be the queen for the night!

Same as Rolex, I had order three Ref 116610LV for friends, but when the watches arrived AD, They all disappeared and after the next day when those Gem are sold, someone came to me again asking for the Watch!

So Today, be calm, work hard for money, and when you have spotted good Rolex, go and buy!

Take your time to search and find it, I feel that the process of searching something is more enjoyable than the time you have bought it…

Sham Shui Po Snob

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