Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seiko Astron, First GPS watch powered by Solar

Seiko Astron builds its own Caliber 7X52 movement and encased in titanium. The Astron’s ability to adjust time accurately and automatically to whatever timezone its in. While such watch already exist on the market, the Astron will be the first to utilize orbiting GPS satellites instead of radio transmission towers.

There are several immediate advantages, including limitless range and the inclusion of all 39 timezones around the globe. To activate the automatic calibration, simple push a button and the high-tech system will do the rest. In fact, with its perpetual calendar accurate to the year 2100 and a solar power unit that functions in any forms of light source, the SEIKO Astron GPS Solar watch is taking a first step in a brand horology category. Prices of this one is Hong Kong is about HKD$20,000.

It is a real versatile Watch, Timeless, battery less, Auto calibrate when you travel from one time zone into others. It is Big and clear that you won’t miss anything on the dial, it is light to wear, water proof and durable. Spending HKD$20,000 for a watch and technology is really your decision!
This one shown is Limited Edition of 500 pcs.

Sham Shui Po Snob

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