Saturday, June 15, 2013

Watch Fever by HK Snob

Many People asks me who am I and I can tell you that I am a blogger. The reason I started blogging was one of my bosses criticized my poor commercial English and I decided to start blogging to pick up my writing. I always thank him as he is my trigger for my blogs!

I found that Still my English is Rubbish, but that is no a matter, as it keeps me writing. That is my Hobby now.. glad to hear that People sometime found my story was funny! I like that comment as Life is Boring, we should make more fun out of boreness everyday every time…

I started my first Watch as My father showed me his Grand Seiko, and he bought me a Citizen manual winding watch when I was first in Class in English in Form 1. I started buying my first Rolex Date Just stainless steel when I earned my own money back in 1980. Since then I found Rolex is the opium and I started smoking Rolex Opium every day, and I am having more cure for it.

I am A watch Maniac, Rolex Lover that would consider sell one of my Kidneys to buy Rolex Day Date if that is Lapis Azuli Blue with Bubble Diamond and Diamond bezel.

I am HK Snob that has no money but has all kind of expensive Hobbies and Collection such as Fountain Pen, Vinyl or LP, Wine (inside my Stomach), Vacuum Tubes, Tie Clip and Cuff link..etc.

I am An Analogue Audio Supporter, Listening to all kinds of Analogue music from 50’s 70s; The Entire Audio Chain as no Transistor or any IC as the perfectionist’s music source. A good TurnTable and Vacuum Tubes amplifier does the best job in conveying the original music format from the recording media LP into our ears!

I earn money by working as sales manager in a Semiconductor equipment supplier company, I fly to Manila every week and come back on Saturday. I take care Philippine market. If you are in Manila, Please call me for a coffee and a SPA!

Well, I am not a Watch Dealer, I am not a Watch shop owner, I appreciate good watches and I appreciate talking to friends on Watch and Watch stuff, Blogging is my new hobby.

I start to helping people to find the New Rolex from Rolex AD at reasonable price, I like to answer questions that people asks me about watch although I am not an expert but I like them asking me that I will find the answer by consulting expert and friend. Through the Questions, I know more about watches!

I wrote everything about my Blogs all by myself… and I can say if you have passion on something, you will make is successful! Though I can not say my blog is successful, i like Jakes Rolex as he got the stuff, very interesting stuff.

And I you can share your watch picture to me, I will be glad… send them to my yahoo mail account

And most of all thanks a million for your support, my watch blog just hits a 626,389 page views minutes ago. It is nothing comparing to international watch blogs. But I am armature, part time blogger and I have limited sources of information, this will be nice rewards to me… 
Sometimes I call myself Sham Shui Po Snob because Sham Shui Po is a great place to go, and most of all, though average people is poor, but they are the honest and hardworking grass root HK People! And they are the real nice people! That is why I encourge myself to buy pre-owned watch at Lung Shing  as they are good stuff.... People there is honest!

My Rolex Polo Shirt was a gift from Alfred, a Hi Fi DIY and Expert on Audio from UK.

The watch is a Tudor Red Chronometer 1990, I sold it to one of my good friend in Singapore as I had no money to pay the rent!

I like to stand near a Piano because I think I can pick up some musical
Inspiration by doing so... I cannot play piano.

I wish you all had a wonderful weekend!

Sham Shui Po Snob

You can simple find me just typing “ Watch fever” in Google or Yahoo search engine, the first One is my Blog!


박성진 said...

You touch me every time. It's good enoough to remember my passion when i was young. Sure , i'm young now. That is why i would like to mimic you from now...hope to learn more from you watch as well as life.

HK Snob said...

Hi Korean Movie star,
Yes, life can be so funny and can be so harsh , all depends on how you look at it.
Watch and Shoes is two major items that you can tell how the life style of the guys is.
A man with a decent watch does not mean he is rich.
A man with a pair of expensive sure surely 90% ensure he is rich.
Why as since the first day you wear the shoes, it starts wearing off. But for watch, it may retain certain amount of value even you use it. And some of the watch o celibrity can be so much expensive in Auction. Like JFK and Elvis Presley's Rolex!
Well, there is a lot of way we would think about our past which is the most important Properties of life. No matter Happy or sour, still that is our History, When I look at my Watch, some times I thi nk of my Father who is the man who created me and my life and my fate to know you!!
So the watch is the Crystal Ball to look into the history and I think I will not able to bring you into future. But You can,... Wearning a good decent watch may change your character over the time as it will keep reminding you life in past, present and Future...
Have Fun with you watch...

Sham Shui Po Snob