Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Your Watch and the Shoes

Life can be so funny and can be so harsh, all depends on how you look at it.

Watch and Shoes is two major items that you can tell how the life style of the guys is.

The Japanese men treat their shoe "KAO" Face of the man. see how important the shoes are to the men.

A man with a decent watch does not mean he is rich.

I my opinion, a man with a pair of expensive shoes 90% he is

Why as since the first day you wear the shoes, it starts wearing off. But for watch, it may retain certain amount of value even you use it. And some of the watches of celebrity can be so much expensive in Auction. Like JFK and Elvis Presley's Rolex!

Well, there is a lot of way we would think about our past which is the most important Properties of life. No matter Happy or sour, still that is our History!

When I look at my Watch, sometimes I think of my Father who is the man who created me and my life and my fate to know you!

So the watch is the Crystal Ball to look into the history and I think I will not able to bring you into future. But You can,... Wearing a good decent watch may change your character over the time as it will keep reminding your life in past, present and Future...

Have Fun with you watch...dont abuse your shoes and your watch!

Sham Shui Po Snob

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