Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clerc hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph "500" pieces

Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition Chronograph
This is an unique, massive, all weather wearing Watch from Clerc, a tiny Swiss small company that could produce such a fine watch. It weighs about 150gram which gives me a feeling of Invincible, Solid and Sturdy. The whole case is solid hi carbon steel and is black DLC coated to give you a satin smooth surface and I believe with just a whip of your hand, the water will be gone and dry after diving.

The Small window at back does allow you to peep the fine polishing quality and those Blue screws, a sense of Hi end Movement. The rotor is smooth noiseless which is important to tell the precision of the bearing assembly. This is Numbered “2” out of the limited 500 pieces…

“Two” means “Easy” in Chinese,… That is why I see the watch owner can be so Easy to manage his income and his Collection of Watches. Believe no one would like to sell this watch with “2”. Wish him all the best… with this "Easy" Watch!

Retail Price HKD$90,000.00

HK Snob

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