Wednesday, August 24, 2016

To gold or not to gold – The Rolex Daytona

How much are you willing to pay to be extraordinary? I am talking about your watches. A Rolex Daytona is not rare scenery in Hong Kong. You can see a lot of people wearing the same watch in the MTR or in the restaurant you dine in. When two men walk past each other on the street in Hong Kong, the battle starts instantly. The battle is about your looks, which are based on your clothes, your sneakers and most importantly, your watch. To become superior, going gold may well be your choice.


Here are some of HKWF’s recommendations of the Rolex Daytona – not in stainless steel


1.      Rolex 116508 Green Dial

The new 2016 Rolex yellow gold Daytona will leave you breathless and your potential competitors impressed. The watch has a very sharp sunburst green dial with red accents next to every hour marker. Also, the sub-dials are surrounded by red rings which complement with the green color very well. With the color of Rolex on a yellow gold Rolex cult icon that now has the accuracy rate of +2/-2 per day, what more can you ask for? It also has a new-style tachymeter bezel that has been used only on rose gold, white gold and Daytonas of precious metals on straps. To get one green dial 116508, you have to have around HKD200k. It will be worth your money.


2.      Used yellow gold 16528

Do not want to pay a premium for a yellow gold Rolex? No
Problem. At below 150kHKD, you can always find a 16528
ellow gold Daytona in good condition. It has a movement
modified from the famous Zenith El Primero movement and
has less shiny sub-dials than the newer 116528.
On the wrist, from a layman’s view, it looks like you are wearing a 200k+ Daytona.
3.      Rolex 116515 (new or used)
Want a ceramic bezel but want it not on the new steel 116500ln? The rose gold 116505 may well be your choice. As the ref has been out there for quite some time, you can get a bnib 116505 with some discounts or get a used one at a fairly reasonable and affordable price. What you are getting is a rose gold Daytona with a  brown ceramic bezel on a nicely made alligator strap. The price? Bnib 116515 costs you around 160k HKD while used ones cost you around 120k-130K HKD.
5.      Used Rolex 116509

Afraid of yellow gold? Want something more understated? You should get your hands on any used Rolex white gold 116509 Daytona. It will cost you around 140kHKD. If you want to impress, do try to save up for the diamond paved dial. Your watch will shine like a star under any proper lighting.



Some of us always hold a negative attitude towards yellow gold watches. However, a yellow gold watch is always there to catch your attention. If you can afford one, it is never a bad thing to wear one.
Usher wearing a 116528 Paul Newman dial

Rolex 116528 worn by actress model Brooklyn Decker.
HK Snob

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