Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rolex Supper Rare Dial Brand New Customs for you on Day Date Ref 118238

BNIB 5 year Warranty HK Rolex AD watches.

Look at these beautiful Watches made by Rolex, they are new Rolex Shipped to HK for people like I asked for.

These are rare dial that was once the Auction hot items.

Rolex will listen to us and make a again in a super small number.  One in 10,000 Day Date may be...

These are two on the left birch dial and the one on right is Coral that we can now buy at Rolex AD in Hong Kong.

Price is Mouth Watering if I tell you, I even Can hand carry to you by hand in Philippines... Manila, Makati or Alabang.

If you want to know Price and availability , Whatsapp me, if you feel that it is time to buy one of these watches and keep it for an investment. it is time.

HK Snob

PS The DD Coral was sold in this morning by a DD Collector!

Consider the Birch DD too as it colour is really pleasant when you look at it. It is more wearable for everyday and of course not as Sharp as the Coral but it is a way to tell you are having superb taste wearing this rare species on your wrist.

We will try to order again from Rolex for more colourful stones for HKWF readers.

Keep you updating.

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