Friday, August 26, 2016

Vintage Time- Rolex Ref 1803

Vintage watches are still in vogue today thanks to a lot of stars and celebrities wearing them. Vintage Rolexes are here to stay. We have brought to you some of the more popular vintage sports models. Let’s also take a look at the ref that is gaining popularity - the Day Date 1803.

Modern Day-Dates sell for more than 150kHKD. If you want to get the newest Day-Date 40, you have to pay over 200kHKD. However, going vintage can be a good idea if you want a taste of the Rolex Day-Date.



A Day-Date 1803 yellow gold sells for around 100k on President Bracelet. Without the bracelet, it sells for around 50k. Paying that amount of money to get a solid gold Rolex is not a bad deal. The 1803 features an acrylic crystal which is domed in shape. At 36mm, the watch offers many versions of dials. The more interesting dials are those which have aged to obtain a certain hue of other colors.

You can pair your 1803 with different straps for different styles. While dial variations are very interesting to play with, a 1803 will certainly stand out in a forest of sports models. There are also special dials such as the Stella enamel dials and the gem stone dials. They are very good choices to pair with your vintage style clothes.



Picking up a 1803 now is a good choice as its price is still lower than it should be. Nobody knows when the price of it will increase drastically after one of the stars wear them and starts the hype.
A Stella Dial Day-Date is a rare example of a 1970s watch that came with a colored, hard enamel dial.  They came in a variety of rich, bright colors.
They are solid enamel, they are prone to cracking, so perfect examples are quite rare.  Over the past few years, they have become rather popular, and valuable, with some examples hitting the $30,000 at auction, though we should say the average Stella dial sells below $20,000.  Collectors often put these enamel dial Presidents on matching leather straps.

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