Friday, August 12, 2016

The Rolex 116655 – Rolex’s answer for younger fans?

The Rolex 116655 was released in 2015 as a surprise to most Rolex fans. It is a 40mm rose gold Yacht Master on a rubber strap. While very often being criticized as dull and conservative, Rolex presented us a watch that belonged only to online predictions and fantasy.

The Yacht Master is never a very hot item in the whole Rolex collection. It lives in the shadow of the more clearly positioned Submariner. As a watch with a bi-directional bezel, it is not a diver like the Submariner, though. It is instead a watch for Yacht race, or, a more elegant version of the Submariner for yacht racers.

Before its official release, some websites already predicted a ceramic bezel on a Yacht Master. The design also appeared on some custom made Rolex Yacht Master but not on rose gold. So, this watch is probably Rolex’s answer to fans’ aspiration for cutting-edge designs.

Unlike the traditional Yacht Master, which is somewhat dull and lacks contrast, the 116655 looks quite appealing to young Rolex fans. The bezel is in matt black ceramic and it features polished numerals on a sandblasted background. The Yacht Master is the only watch in the Rolex collection that features two different kinds of finishing on the bezel. It is indeed very exquisite. On the dial, the red letters of Yacht Master is very catchy. Together with a 40mm rose gold case and a rubber strap which features a metal interior. It is called the Oysterflex bracelet – a rubber bracelet with the strength of a metal bracelet.
If you have always admired the Yacht Master for its elegance, the 116655 is the watch you have to get. It is a watch with aesthetics that cannot be found in other Rolex watches. It is also a gold Rolex that feels very trendy and chic.
Who knows, after twenty years, this will be one of the hot searching list at Watch trade sites.
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