Sunday, August 21, 2016

Watches you can wear when doing sports

The Olympic Games are well under way. Let’s take a look at our recommendations of watches to wear when doing sports and take a look at prominent sportsmen who wear their watches while competing.


1.      The Rolex Deep Sea 116660
Both Tiger Woods and David Beckham have been spotted wearing the Rolex Deep Sea. They are two of the most prominent sportsmen in the modern world. With this 3900m diver, you can wear it while doing any kind of sports, be it diving, hiking or golfing. It is not rare to see people wearing the Deep Sea in the gym as well. For some of us, wearing it is already a kind of workout due to its weight. Just make sure you do not bang your beloved watch onto anything when swinging your racket or lifting weights.
2.      The Audemars PIguet Royal Oak Offshore

Worrying about what watches to wear when playing tennis? You might want to follow world no.1 Novak Djokovic and Swiss player Stan Wawrinka. Both of them have been spotted wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches. Novak was spotted wearing the Offshore Diver and Stan was spotted playing with his Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph and Royal Oak Offshore Ceramic Diver. These Royal Oak Offshores can obviously take the shock and are tough enough to be your partners when doing your favorite sports.
3.      The Roger Federer Rolex Collection

The great Roger Federer has a steel Datejust II, a platinum Day-Date II and a vintage 6263 Daytona Paul Newman. He has been spotted wearing a Day-Date II in rose gold in the award ceremony. Out of the three Rolex watches in Roger Federer’s collection, the Datejust II seems to be the best watch for you to wear when doing sports. The platinum Day-Date II is too heavy while the 6263 Daytona is too precious.
4.      The G-Shock Mudmaster
Going outdoors? Climbing mountains and conquering
swamps? The G-Shock Mudmaster is there for you. Specially
designed to prevent any mud from going into the watch, the
Mudmaster is your reliable partner when going outdoors for
any sport activities. With a huge case and led light, it is a
very catchy timepiece that time your epic journey through the
bumpy road.
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