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Can you sport two watches at a time? – HK Snob weighs in

You never really see this often – a man in suit wearing a white dial Daytona 116520 on his right wrist and a GMT Master II 116710 on his left wrist. What is the deal with wearing two Rolex watches at a time?


The GMT way of wearing a GMT?

The first explanation (or do we need one?) is that the man has to track the time of two places. This can actually be done with a GMT watch. However, he might also need to time his travel or something with the Daytona at the same time. By that it means he is an extremely important and busy person who has to time something while tracking time of 3-4 places (GMT Master II allows you to track the time of up to three places).

Prominent people who wears two watches at a time.
HK Snob


The late Hunter S Thompson

Mr. Hunter S Thompson literally invented Gonzo Journalism and he used to wear his trademark GMT Coke with a Tag Heuer.
Mr. Fidel Castro also wore two Rolexes at a time. One is a Day-Date and the other one is a Submariner. In the picture above he was in The Kremlin having a meeting with Khruschev.

Maradona constantly wears two Hublot watches on both wrists.

And recently wearing two Rolex Daytona Ref 116520LN White.

Everyone can choose to wear two watches at a time. You can also choose to wear three or four watches at a time. When you have too many watches and too few occasions to wear them, you can wear them all at a time. Wearing a GMT Master with any other watches is a bad idea because you can already track the time of three places on the GMT Master.
Wearing a Daytona with another Daytona shows that you are a rich man who wants to time everything precisely with your double chronograph gear. Wearing two DEEP SEA means that you are a guy who works out a lot.
There are different combinations. However, you really have to be as outstanding a person as Fidel Castro to be said to be cool wearing two watches or more at a time. If you are not as prominent as he is, you may be said to be showing off your poor collection.
Nevertheless, it is a different story if you are a watch dealer. You might want to show your clients how the watch looks on your wrists. Meanwhile, it is not recommended to wear two watches at a time unless you want to have them both stolen when something bad happens.
HK Snob


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