Sunday, August 21, 2016

Which discontinued Rolex models should you buy? HK Snob weighs in

We all know that discontinued Rolex watches are like blue-chip stocks. You almost always make money from them after a period of time. Even if you do not make a profit, you do not lose. Except for common vintage models like the 1680, 1665,5513 and the Paul Newman Daytona, there are a few other choices for you to purchase discontinued Rolex models.

1.      Rolex 116520 Daytona

The recently discontinued legendary 116520 Daytona is one
of the best investment items. Priced at $90000 HKD, before
the 116500LN was released, the 116520 could be had at
around $94000HKD for the black dial version and around
$86000 HKD for the white dial versions. Some grey dealers
may offer even better prices. However, just like all the
discontinued Daytona references, the price of the 116520
has been soaring after the 116500LN Daytona Ceramic was
released. We expect that the price of the 116520 will only go
up in the future especially for NOS watches.
2.      Rolex 16610LV

Since the release of the 116610LV “HULK”, the 16610LV 50th anniversary edition has been one of the hot items on the market. The price has been going up as the watch features very different aesthetics than the new 116610LV. The green aluminum insert features a different kind of green than the “HULK” while the dial is black in color with oversized hour markers. A NOS 16610lv now retails at around 80k HKD while it used to retail at around 60k HKD when it was in production.
3.      Rolex 16710 Pepsi
Rolex released the white gold GMT Pepsi a few years ago. However, you have to pay well over 200k HKD to get one. Therefore, a lot of people turn their eyes on the way cheaper Rolex 16710 Pepsi. It features similar aesthetics with the white gold Pepsi GMT with ceramic red-blue bezel. A NOS 16710 Pepsi can be very expensive up to HKD$100,000 or more as prices are expected to go up in the future.
HK Snob



Anonymous said...

how much in hongkong rolex AD BNIB daytona black 116520? What about gray market BNIB?

HK Snob said...

Almost no way to get one Ref 16520LN at AD , as Rolex has stopped supplying them.
In gray Dealer's shop, there is few priced at HK$94,000 to 96,000 now

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

previously the price for the black dial is 89,500HKD

HK Snob said...

Yes, of course, supply and demand... What can we say?
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

what about preowned 116520 black how much is that in HK