Friday, August 12, 2016

HKWF Future Explorer predictions – the Explorer III

This year, Rolex has updated the Explorer I 214270 with longer hands and lume on the numerals of 3,6 and 9.
The revival of Air king with Yellow words under the Rolex Crown.
The Explorer II 216570 has been around for a few years. Could there be updates later? Here are some of our predictions.
1.      Ceramic bezel
Rolex has just added the ceramic bezel on the Daytona making it a 116500ln. Even the Yacht Master has a ceramic bezel in the rose gold model, could the Explorer II be the next model to receive the ceramic upgrade? A grey ceramic bezel will look really cool. Also, the numerals on the ceramic bezel could be presented in sharp colors, adding some chic to the very down-to-earth watch.

2.      New movement
As seen on the Datejust 41 this year and the Day-Date 40 last year, Rolex has begun to replace old movements with newer ones. Although the difference may not be felt by everyone, an upgrade of the movement can mean adding a Faraday cage for resisting magnetic field or better power reserve, making the Explorer II a more all-round watch.

3.      Downsizing
The current 42mm diameter Explorer II may be reduced to 41 or 40mm in the future. This can be true as the Rolex DD41 has been discontinued being replaced by the DD40. Rolex released the 42mm Explorer II to fit the trend of big watches. Now, as huge watches like Deep Sea prove to be low in sales, Rolex may in the future update the Explorer II in 40 or 41mm.

4.      Dial aesthetics

The current orange hand of the Explorer II echoes with that of the Rolex 1655. In the future, the hour and minute hands can be made more proportionally while the GMT hand can be made in green, the Rolex color. Yellow would be a nice choice as well.
I would say no one will not resist the temptation of a new Explorer Ver. 3 or Ver.3.5 to have the following new feature.
a. 40mm case
b. yellow minute hand
c. new movement
d. ceramic bezel
e. Black dial
Rolex can set a new price like Ref 116710BLBR as high as
HK$68,000  I believe I will buy first.
HK Snob

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