Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where to Repair my Watches


I had my first car 1990 BMW 318iSA, I had encountered a couple of incidents, while  it was running on highway it stopped everything, no engine, no brake, no power steering… it shocked me!

I went to BMW repair they told me, Oh it is the Computer problem, changed it as a whole new module with HKD$30,000 will do… Man, in 1996 HK$30,000 can buy a Daytona Watch!  Finally I went to a garage shop friend told me to… the chap told me…” buy me a coffee and give me two minutes!”… he took out a hand held tool with BMW logo on it and pushed into somewhere on the microprocessor “reset” he told me… DONE!

That problem happened no more that Crazy problem before the car was stolen at Wilson Car park….!

Have you ever been sending watches for servicing in Hong Kong?

These are some of the episode about watch repair in HK:-

Long queue on the line at the Service Centre of XXX, no one comes to talk to you, just wait for your turn… and they close early.

Battery Changes of a XXX Watch HK$850. 
(I changed it myself HK$20)

Inspection of a XXX Watch HK$1,000,  movement Cleaning $8,000  for 3-4 months. If Complicated watch must be done in Switzerland!

XXX Manual Wind Watch overall HK$8,000, take 2 months.

XXX Perpetual Watch Overall HK$40,000, 5 months in Switzerland as they are having Summer holidays.

XXX perpetual Calendar Watch repair HK$50,000  and it takes more than 1 year. The Chinese Customer went into the shop and yelled!  You know the Richer customer is usually the more aggressive one!

Quartz Battery Change, supposed to be Free but they will ask you for changing the O-ring, or the crown as it seems there is water resistance issues, and end up you have to pay HK$4,000 and three weeks.

A Friend of mine send his Quartz yellow gold to service centre for Inspection, check, and part replacement and requesting to add two more links as his wrist is large, Quotation came out asking changes on the Crystal, Crown, Overhaul, and two sections of the bracelet, total Charges is HK$55,000… Amazingly!

I just sent a 1970’s first generation yellow gold watch to XXX Boutique for a cleaning of the movement as it is not running smoothly after 6 years…last week.

They told me that is a watch over 25 years, has to be shipped to Switzerland for the repair and cleaning, basic cleaning cost is HK$8,000 …Oh, since I am the good friend of the shop manager I got less 20% discount! Good Mercy.
Excluding parts, they would like to say the final price could be something that would make me stretch my tongue long to touch my nose!

This is just a few examples of Watch repair experience over the past 5 years!l

For most of the Cases I will send to some HK renowned repair Centres, expert …. As I know them Well, I understand where they are from, and they have the part, patience and Skill. and Most of all, I get my Watch Return with Satisfaction.

The story is totally different…

For Rolex Oyster Quartz Battery Changes, God… HKD$20, workmanship Free!

For the Perpetual Calendar Cleaning HK$7,000 may be in two weeks only.

For the 1970 watch cleaning … man…. HK$2,400 only.

Of course if you had money and patience to wait for 6 to 14 months for waiting your watch repaired… please do so sending to the original factory…

HK Snob
XXX stands for DIFFERENT HI End Watch Brands in HK.






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tel :21511777 they work till 1830. call them first

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