Thursday, June 30, 2016

HK Snob's Rolexs' Fantasy

BREXIT, Rolex Price Up, recession and what Shall we do else with the depreciating money?

A UK Friend knows this because he has a banking background. So anyone who has the same experience will or can relate. On a few points. I don't have much gold but like to trade watches for gold coins nowadays rather than money (paper), cuts all the rubbish out.

London Rolex Authorized dealers have already increased it prices on Gold watches 5-8% so in theory we have had price increases throughout this year within 6-9 months. Following on, BOE is yet to raise its rates, the IMF will dry up, eventually. Prime Minister has no obligation to Europe accept its cousins (Royal descendants, aristocrats) typically as business men would say after doing you out of a deal! "Its business"

Now David Cameron has jumped ship! Correct Hilary battle axe will be president and its down hill from there onwards, for those who have stored up so much New pieces, good if you have the capital but only time will tell. "The water bed is drying" which is going to force a harsh decline. I'd rather any 60s-80s YG or WG full gold 14k, 18k watch over a steel any day. At least scrap value has some value to it and if you paid $7k and was to scrap as a worst case scenario you'd gain at least 50% against the weight maybe more to what you paid. But try and do this on today with any of the new watches it will be like trying to resale a diamond stone and we all know you always lose 75% of cost unless it’s flawless, same with exceptional time pieces! However for the average or majority who have thought to invest in newer and over produced pieces, many may be upset with my comment view and they are well within their rights to disagree.

Valuable metals is the global currency always has been has never failed, every countries foundation of economics still believes it to be viable.

Gold will soon increase to $2,000 very soon.

A UK Big Rolex Gold Watch Collector, 28 June 2016

Anyone who has gold 22k 1oz coins in exchange for GOLD WATCHES please contact me and l will notify him!

It is a Chaos when the economic is bad, especially the rich does not want people come to take their food on the plate free… Who knows After Britain, then France, Italy, and Sooner the Big brother Germany will declare to leave EU?

Who will be the finial beneficiary!?

US, yes in the role of world Police, Japan? No, They cannot go back to the tie they were in 80s

Russia and China may tie up into a closer relations to declare brotherhood, China may export more Super Rail, factory sets-up support to countries like Philippines, East European, East Africa, Pakistan, South America.

So at that time another generation of Rich Chinese will have extra money to buy toys…

By 2025 China GDP is same as if no close  to USA, become world No.1  economy System,.

How to spend the money for the Middle Class… buying crazy stuff Like Italian Horse and Bull or luxury watches is a MUST!

As Chinese Rich people like to Show-off…  At that time your Submariner 16610LV Flat 4 may be able to reach HK$200,000. The Submariner NOS Ref.116610LV Hulk will be selling at HK$180,000

A Daytona A series Ref.116520LN will be HK$250,000

The Daytona Ceramic Ref.116500LN will be easily HKD$200,000.

The GMT Master Blue Back will be HK$250,000.

Oh the First generation AP Royal Oak A series will be HKD$500,000 (sorry I sold off last year for cash already)

How about Ref.18039, 18038, 1803, 1807… all goes up X4 times as of the value today…

Time will tell….

By the way, by 2025, Norkor has been unified as one Korea, become one family… One Rich Family.

HK Snob
The above article is purely my personal thoughts about what would happen in 10 years.


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