Monday, June 27, 2016

Vintage time : Rolex 1675 GMT Master

Whether you have owned a GMT Master or not, one of the most accessible vintage GMT Masters is the Rolex 1675. The watch is like the 5513 or the 1680 for Submariner collectors. At around HK$40k, what do you get?

The 1675 was first produced in 1959 replacing the 6542. It has acrylic crystal and either oyster or jubilee bracelet. In the early 1970s, the black bezel version was introduced. After the late 60s, the small GMT hand became large GMT hand. Dials from 1965 to 1980 are matt dials.

The 1675 is one of the more original references of the GMT Master. The watch comes with a bi-color bezel with the blue part representing the night and the red part representing the day. The aged tritium hour markers together with the matt dial give you a very vintage feeling. The best thing is that the GMT function does not fade away in time. The 1675 can still serve you as a reliable GMT watch.

Some of the bezels have faded in color and that is another interesting thing about the 1675. If you are tired of the conservative designs of modern GMTs, you may visit the 1675, which has lug-holes and is a true tool watch.
A New Old Stock 1765 Full Set is about USD$13,000.

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