Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Submariner, Seadweller is still No.1 hot selling item from Rolex

Some of my Watches as stock

Submariner Ref.116610LN with Date
Submariner Ref.114660 no date
Submariner SeaDweller Ref.116600

These are the hottest cakes from Rolex as far as an average market survey of the market segment
In Philippines, seems the batman is my No,1 top seller in the past 12 Months.

HK Snob


Alvin Tan said...

Any price update for sub date? Gmt 2?

Alvin Tan said...

Any price update for sub w date? Gmt 2?

HK Snob said...

Sub date List price $63900
GMT II green point List price $63,200
if buying at AD less 10% and Gray is approx. $56,500 for sub and $53,000 for GMT Ii green pointer
HK Snob

Winston Ryan Lim said...

do you give discounts for Submariner Ref.116610LN with Date?

HK Snob said...

yes I get you one BNIB Full Set HK$56,500

If you want to buy at Rolex AD less ten percent of HK$63,900 (list Price)