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Rolex Day-Date 60th anniversary edition and our Day-Date recommendations

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Day-Date. Rolex released two DD40 earlier at Baselworld to commemorate the 60th birthday of one of the most iconic watches in the Rolex collection.
The two watches in white gold and rose gold both have an olive sunburst dial. The best thing is – they have arrived in Hong Kong.

The addition of the olive dial DD40 to the current lineup is absolutely a good thing given the fact that the DD40 collection offers a relatively limited range of dial options.
The olive dial is superb in the metal. On the rose gold model, it fully complements the warmth of rose gold making it one of the killer combos and one of the sharpest Day-Date ever made. The 3D Roman numerals give you extra shine from the dial as they reflect light together with the hands.


One of the best things about the Day-Date is its bracelet. One can easily recognize it. The DD40 even has ceramic parts in the bracelet making it even smoother when worn. You can easily tell the difference in terms of comfort if you have tried a DD with oyster bracelet before you try the other with President bracelet.
If you think that the DD is for the old, then you might want to try this new DD with olive dial. The new DD 40 with olive dial is an absolutely handsome piece that looks very good on the wrists of young people. The olive dial, the fluted bezel and the President bracelet give you very sharp reflection of light at any angle.  
If the new Day-Date 40 is not your choice, here are some recommendations for you to enter the splendid world of Day-Date.

1.      Rolex 118238/118235/118239
The Day-Date at 36mm is the most classic. In rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, it is a very elegant timepiece. These 36mm DDs offer you more varied dial options than the DD40. From gem stones to diamonds, there must be one dial option for you. My personal favorite is the meteorite dial with diamond markers.

2.      The Rolex 218238/218235/218239 Day-Date II
The discontinued DDII collection has the biggest cases in all time. At 41mm, the watch is meant for younger users who prefer bigger watches. Although dial options are not as varied as the 36mm DD, the DDII still offers some very nice designs on the dial. The size of it also makes it very hard to go unnoticed.

Although the collection has been discontinued, you are still very likely to find NOS or second-hand watches in good condition.
3.      The Rolex 1803 – the more affordable Day-Date
If new Day-Dates are too expensive for you, then you might look for a 36mm ref 1803. The 1803 has Plexiglas and it can be had at less than 100k and around half the price without the bracelet. You can pair the watch with different leather straps which is as much fun as wearing it on the President bracelet.
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