Thursday, June 16, 2016

What to consider when buying your first Rolex?

1.      Price

When you are about to enter the world of Rolex, of luxury watches, price is often the factor you have to consider. You do not want to buy the cheapest Rolex model available and show your friends that you have a Rolex. For the first one, 50k-60k would be quite appropriate. The general public’s perception on a price of a Rolex is around that range.

2.      Model

Almost every Rolex model is iconic. However, you have to understand very well whether you want sports models or classic models. Again, the factor of price plays a role here. At 50k-60k, you can have the two popular sports models, the Submariner and the GMT Master II. These are two models that are easily recognized by people on the street and guarantee you very good attention.
Other than the model reference, you might want to pay attention to aesthetics. For example, again using the GMT Master II and the Submariner as examples, one may find the Submariner more classic while the GMT Master II more flashy. So, be sure to go to an AD to try before you make your final verdict.
3.      Function
Be practical on function when choosing your first Rolex. You can surely go for the Daytona as your first Rolex. However, does it really give you what you need? 
A Chronograph, Really?
One of the basic functions you need may include the date, instead of a chronograph. (If you want to time how long you have to wait for the green light then the chronograph goes first). So, it is recommended to choose a watch with a date window. For a more classic choice, the Datejust II is good with a fluted white gold bezel. You may also choose the Explorer II as it also has a GMT hand, with prices lower than the GMT Master II.
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