Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Rolex GMT Master II – The Green Pointer vs the Batman

The Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic has been one of the most frequently seen watches on the street in Hong Kong. The 116710 Green Pointer is also one the Rolex I bought. I actually chose it over the Submariner 116610 because the watch was so much more attractive due to the oversized numbers on the ceramic bezel. The 116710 Green Pointer is a dazzling watch. A friend of mine bought two for himself and his wife last year. He has a black Daytona 116520 for himself and a white 116520 for his wife. But why did he buy two GMT Green Pointer but now one Green Pointer plus a Batman?

He said the Green Pointer looks more classic….
Is it true? HK Snob weighs in.
The two GMT Master II have different aesthetics. Or, do they? The Batman differs from the Green Pointer by having a dual color ceramic bezel, which is the only bi-color ceramic bezel on Rolex stainless steel models. The blue-black bezel symbolizes night and day. The GMT hand is blue instead of green and the letters GMT Master II are in white.
On the wrist, they really do not look very different. The same case applies to the Deep Sea black and the Deep Sea D-blue. Under certain lighting, you can even hardly notice that the Batman has a blue-black bezel.
How about the Green Pointer? It has a green GMT hand and green GMT Master II letters. Let’s not forget that the color that represents Rolex is green. However, this watch has been in production for 10 years and there are a lot of people wearing it. But of course, the price is lower than the Batman. It will feel a bit dull if you have had the watch for a bit over 2-3 years since the color scheme is not particularly attractive.
The Batman, on the other hand, offers you something more fun to see every day. The blue color of the ceramic bezel and the GMT hand and the white color of the letters GMT Master II also recall a blue sky with clouds. The Green Pointer and the Batman are equally flashy. If you have not had a GMT watch, get a Batman. But if you have the Green Pointer, keep it and wear it in good health.
HK Snob
HKWF Group

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